Rules are for Breaking by Imelda Evans: Review

January 10, 2013 Reviews 0 ★★★★

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Rules are for Breaking by Imelda Evans: ReviewRules Are For Breaking four-stars
on October 15, 2012
Pages: 288
Format: eARC
Jo is a smart and determined young woman with a clear-eyed view of men and what she expects of them. Put simply, she is over searching for 'The One'. When challenged by a friend who thinks she can't do it, Jo goes one step further and vows not to date, sleep with or even kiss a man for six weeks.

Enter Declan, Jo's gorgeous yet unwelcome houseguest.  Convinced he can win her over, Declan views Jo and her vow as an irresistible challenge.

An infuriated Jo declares that Declan is like all the others – attracted to her for all the wrong reasons. She insists that he devote time to getting to know the real her and to doing the things she loves.  Will Declan survive the test? Or will a major misunderstanding spoil everything?

Rules Are For Breaking is a witty, entertaining romance certain to have even the most disenchanted believing in love again.

This was a book that I really enjoyed.

Imelda Evans has crafted a lovely story where the main characters, Jo and Declan were very human and believable. The scenes where Jo is trying to put Declan off and where he is steadfast in his resolve to keep going were very amusing. In particular, I found myself having a good laugh at Declan’s horror at being dragged to karaoke.

Rules are for Breaking is a fun, light-hearted read, but Imelda Evans also does the more serious scenes very well without making them overwrought or super-treacly.

Oh, and I’ll tell you now, there’s not too much out there that’s sexier than a man who does his own ironing. Thank you, Imelda, for writing that scene.

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