The Best Thing by Jaci Burton: Review

January 17, 2013 Reviews 0

The Best Thing (Kent Brothers #3)A year ago, Tori let her guard down and Brody Kent slipped right in, planting one hot, unforgettable kiss on her in a dark corner at the company Christmas party. Though the kiss surpassed her wildest dreams, she can’t let it happen again. She loves Brody, but he’s got a reputation for loving and leaving. She’ll have to keep her heart—and her libido—in check.

Brody can’t get the time of day from Tori—ever since that impulsive kiss, she’s avoided him with the same brutal efficiency she uses to manage his family’s construction company office. The company can’t afford to lose her, and Brody’s come to realize that he can’t live without her. But how can he convince Tori that he’s a changed man?

It just might take a Christmas miracle.

This is the third book in Jaci Burton’s Kent Brothers series, and I was keen to read it as I was a fan of the first two. You probably don’t have to read the other two first, however I would if I were you.

Sometimes I find Christmas or holiday-themed books to be, well, a little too sweet. Not this one. The Best Thing is a funny, sexy, hot read that just happens to be set during the Christmas period – the romance is not overshadowed by the holiday.

Being a novella, there are definitely some aspects of the story that weren’t fully covered. However, that is not a major problem for me as I think Jaci Burton has done a great job in developing the relationship between Tori and Brody within the span of the two earlier books in the series.

There was no instant declarations of love or fluffy language, which I liked. Tori and Brody’s chemistry seemed real and not forced, and the love scenes (although not as full-on hot as some of Ms Burton’s other books) were actually pretty sexy.

I particularly liked Brody’s grovelling – it was suitably over-the-top and awesome. The eight-pack was also a nice touch.

My rating: 4 out of 5.

Release Date: 3 December 2012

Note: This book was also part of the Romancing the Holidays anthology with HelenKay Dimon and Christi Barth from Carina Press.

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