Covert Seduction by Callie Croix: Review

February 13, 2013 Reviews 0

20130213-135812.jpgNavy SEAL Reid Galvin is back from hell and eager to find comfort in Becca Anderson’s arms. He knows he hurt her when he cut contact during his deployment, so when his call interrupts her date with another man, he has only himself to blame. But he can’t forget what she means to him—or the sexy email she sent him—and he won’t miss this chance to claim her as his own.

It’s been weeks since Becca heard from the man she thought she was involved with. So when Reid wants to take up where they left off as if nothing happened, she refuses. Then he rescues her from a first date gone very wrong, and she realizes she’s not quite ready to let him go.

Reid and Becca have a lot to talk about, but since she’s not listening, he’s going to have to regain her trust another way—by bringing her most erotic fantasies to life. Making her surrender to pleasure just might be his most important mission.

Unfortunately, this book was a little disappointing. So, as a result, this review could get a little ranty.

There were a few times throughout the book that I just wanted to jump in to the pages and whack the heroine, Becca, fair across the back of the head and scream at her “suck it up, Princess”. Reid, the hero, describes her as “sophisticated and independent” – to me, she just came across as needy and requiring constant supervision.

If you get involved with someone who is in a high-risk, high-danger military job, such as that of a Navy SEAL, you know in advance that you may not hear from them for long periods of time. They can’t just stop in the middle of a raid to call and let you know what they had for breakfast. Becca seems to view Reid’s not contacting her as some severe betrayal. Come on, love, he’s in freaking Afghanistan, not sunning himself in Cancun.

Now, it is a sad state of affairs when I find myself skimming through the sex scenes in an erotic romance. Don’t get me wrong, the sex scenes are pretty hot, but they drag on for ages. The first one went for nearly 40 pages. That’s a little too long.

I’m sure there are readers out there who loved this book, and I can see why they might. However, I struggled to finish this book. The writing wasn’t bad, I just didn’t really enjoy it.

My rating: 2 out of 5

Release Date: 14 January 2013

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Note: I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Carina Press via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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