Easter Reading!!

March 27, 2013 Reviews 0

Oh, wow, it’s almost Easter! We are a quarter of the way through the year, plenty of reading has been done and there is craploads more to do.

I had forgotten until relatively recently how much I love the experience of reading. Of course, my love of books has always been obvious, however last year didn’t leave me a great deal of time to indulge in the written word.

Thanks to my daughter’s newly-rediscovered skill of sleeping through the night and having uninterrupted lunch-breaks at my paid job, I have been able to get back on the reading horse in a big way.

As you know, I started the year off with a target of 50 books for the year. Once I started reading, it was pretty obvious that I would smack that target waaaaay ahead of time! So I upped that goal to 100. A little more realistic, I thought. I have a small child, I don’t really have that much time spare.

As at today, March 27 (it’s midday here in Melbourne), I have read 49 books and I am about a third of the way through book 50. You can see which books I have read by clicking on Reading Challenge Book List.

I will have a lot on my plate this weekend, in addition to my TBR pile and reviews.

It’s my baby girl’s first birthday!! Yes, the Beastie is 1 on Easter Saturday. We’re having a party with our family and friends for the gorgeous girl in a local park. Just hope the weather holds out.

And yes, I bought her some books for her birthday. She may prefer to eat them as opposed to reading them at the moment – but it’s never too early to foster a love for books and the written word. Even if it is as a snackfood.

This weekend, I am reading Sherryl Woods’ newbie, Sand Castle Bay and then I will be moving on to If You Give a Rake a Ruby by Shana Galen, in honour of the Beastie’s birthday (in case you’re wondering, her name is Ruby).

What are you all planning to read this weekend? How are your reading challenges going this year (should you be partaking in one)?

Have a wonderful Easter, everybody!

Happy reading!

Roz xx

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