Spellbound by Emmie Dark: Review

April 9, 2013 Reviews 0

cover28266-mediumBelle is a modern-day witch who’s had a bad run with men. And she’s not that  good at the magic stuff, either. When her boyfriend leaves her feeling  undesirable, Belle conjures up a night of perfect passion with a phantom version  of her super gorgeous neighbour Nicholas Marchetti. But after an amazing night,  Belle realises it was the real Nick.  And when Nick discovers Belle’s  powers, he is confused and wary. And to top it all off, it seems someone is  using magic to try to keep the would-be lovers apart.

Angst, lust – and Aunty Gertrude – all play a part in this sizzling erotic  romance that begins and ends in the bedroom.

For those who like their  romance hot, hot, hot!

Spellbound was a fun, light read that was quite a lot hotter than I was expecting. Yes, I know it is an erotic romance. However, when I started reading it, I read it more as a happy, cute romance. So when the sexytimes arrived, I was surprised at how hot they were.

Belle, a fairly ordinary witch by her own admission, just wants a man – not just any man though, she wants her neighbour Nick. But she can’t summon up the courage to talk to him, so she decides to conjure up what she thinks is a phantom Nick for a hot night. She doesn’t realise that a) Nick is in the same boat as her regarding feelings and b) phantom Nick is actually real Nick. I enjoyed watching their relationship change and develop, with all the hijinks and misunderstandings that ensue. They made a cute and believable couple, not to mention the possessors of some excellent chemistry.

I’ve got to say I loved the setting of this story. I’ve either lived or worked (or both) in the South Melbourne/St Kilda area of Melbourne for seven years or so, and it’s always cool to read about places that you know.

My main grizzle with this book is that it probably could have been longer, however as a novella, it was OK. As most know, I am not really one to read about witches and other paranormal beings (I’m a little sparkly-vampired out), but Emmie Dark has made me want to read some more. I was pleased to read this morning on Twitter that she has been signed for another book in this series by Destiny – I look forward to revisiting the Spellbound universe.

My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Release Date: 15 March 2013

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Note: I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Destiny Romance, an imprint of Penguin Australia via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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