The Rebound Girl by Tamara Morgan: Review

April 29, 2013 Reviews 0

cover29554-mediumPlastic surgeon Whitney Vidra knows all about getting over a cheating ex. She followed her boyfriend halfway around the world before she found out about his infidelity. Now she’s focusing on her career and her friends, and using men just for single-serving, no-strings fun. Until she meets charming Matt Fuller.

Newly single Matt is captivated by the vibrant Whitney, in every way the opposite of his cheating ex-wife. When he confesses to Whitney that he hasn’t had sex since his divorce, she volunteers to be his rebound girl. But Matt’s not a no-commitment kind of guy—he’s either all in, or all out.

Whitney is determined to remain attachment-free, but Matt is equally determined to prove to her that what they have is more than just a rebound fling.

Oh, this was a whole lot of fun to read. Smart and funny, The Rebound Girl has some wonderful strong characters and a couple of very nice twists on normal romance themes.

I am a big fan of the burly alpha hero, but every now and then, I love reading about a much more beta kind of guy. Matt is an absolute sweetie – very much a beta hero, but not an awkward social misfit type. I think it’s wonderful that he still wants to be loved and in love despite his lack of success in his first marriage. It’s funny to see how befuddled Matt becomes when confronted by Whitney’s proposition.

Not very often do we get to see a woman portrayed as the sexual instigator, an aggressor of sorts, without coming across as a “hoor”. To me, Whitney is brilliant – confident, bolshy, comfortable with herself.

I love the passage where Whitney is describing her situation with Matt to her friends and business partners, Kendra and John:

“He’s not my boyfriend.” Whitney ignored the rest of her friend’s statement. “I’m helping him move on with his sexual journey. That’s all. You know, like Beatrice and Dante. Except you replace the seven levels of hell with sexytimes.”

Oh, and those sexytimes were indeed quite hot.

Both Matt and Whitney have been the cheated-on partner in their previous relationship. Matt is trying to pull away from his ex-wife, but she keeps insinuating her way back into his life. Whitney’s ex sails back into town, like a white knight to save the day, and she can’t stand it. Their methods may differ, but in an effort to rid themselves of the exes, they end up hurting each other.

I liked that at the end, they dealt with their issues like normal people – avoiding the over-the-top soap opera emotional outbursts.

Whitney puts it perfectly:

“We’ve got baggage, you and I. Lots of it. The least we can do is help each other carry it.”

One of my favourite things about The Rebound Girl is the supporting characters. There are some funny people in that town. Matt’s brother Linc with the fake tan and Jersey Shore fashion sense, their sister Hilly who has no mouth filter (all I can say is poor you, Trenton!) and in particular, Whitney’s sexually liberated father – no one wants to hear the story of their conception, particularly if it was in the back seat of a Yugo.

This is a Yugo.


I can’t wait to see how Ms Morgan redeems the fine Dr Fine (sorry about that) in book two of this series. I, for one, will definitely be keeping my eye out for it.

My rating: 4.5 out of 5

Release date: 13 May 2013

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Note: I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Carina Press via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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