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cover28439-mediumShe’s got loads of talent, a massive crush—and no confidence. Now she just needs a plan…

Interior designer Emmie Brewster is having one of those…decades. Her overbearing boss believes she’s only qualified to make coffee. Her boyfriend treats her like a booty call. And her widowed father is dating again—more successfully than she is. Then Emmie lands a client who happens to be the hottest man she’s ever encountered. Too bad Graham Cooper is already involved with the kind of woman Emmie longs to be. If only she had the courage…

Emmie’s always been content to dream—about having her own business, her own Mr. Right—but something about Graham makes her want to take action. Maybe it’s time she used her talent for creating beauty and order on herself. She has Graham’s admiration—does she dare go for more? With a little encouragement from her friends, and a lot of newfound motivation, Emmie’s ready to try…

To paraphrase U2, Emmie is “stuck in a moment that she can’t get out of”….or at least one she feels as if she can’t.

Emmie is working for the boss from hell, she’s found out her boyfriend is cheating on her and she sees everyone around her making something of their lives and being a success. We may not have all experienced these all at the same time, but we’ve all been there. After meeting this hot mystery guy, she decides she is going to start taking what she wants from life.

Graham, said hot mystery guy, just happens to be an architect who wants Emmie as the design lead on a big remodel (much to her boss’ horror). He also happens to be having an affair with the very married Juliet, the “Queen Bee” popular girl Emmie went to school with.

OK, this was very nearly a deal-breaker for me. Admittedly Graham didn’t know at first, and he was vulnerable at the time having lost his wife. But he did keep going with it. Cheating is not something I can usually tolerate.

Emmie could have come across as super-whiny, but she didn’t. She has some wonderful friends, particularly her best friend Trish. These two together were really funny.

Graham is lovely and he has a great relationship with his daughter. It was very cool when he stood up and demanded Emmie for his job but when it comes to dealing with Juliet, he is pretty watery. I kept asking myself, why couldn’t he show the same strength in his personal life?

While Emmie and Graham were sweet, I didn’t feel a hell of a lot of heat coming off them – it was very closed-doors. They just didn’t wow me as a couple.

My rating: 3 out of 5

Release Date: 16 May 2013

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Note: I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Kensington Books via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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