Femme Fatale by Cindy Dees: Review

May 9, 2013 Reviews 0

cover30021-mediumFormer teen star Olivia Harper has a problem. If she can’t shake her girl-next-door image and become the femme fatale her latest role requires, her career will flop. But with her squeaky-clean image, Liv’s hardly been kissed, let alone had her world rocked between the sheets. There’s no way she’ll ask her playboy co-star for pointers, so she turns to the sexy new military consultant for some discreet…guidance.

Major Blake Ramsey is stuck hiding out babysitting actors who can’t even lace their combat boots, until his boss can deal with the fallout from his last mission. When Liv propositions him, he can’t decide whether she’s the naïve girl she claims to be or a bombshell looking for another conquest.

But as the lessons heat up, Blake and Olivia catch the eye of the papparazzi and jeopardize both their lives…

Ummm….this wasn’t quite what I hoped it would be. The blurb made it sound quite exciting, and I do like the whole hot Marine thing. Unfortunately, Femme Fatale didn’t quite meet up to the promise of the description.

This book seemed a little confused to me – I’m not sure what it was trying to be. Was it meant to be erotic romance, romantic suspense or straight contemporary?

I may get a little ranty on occasion during this review, so be forewarned…

When it came to Olivia, you know what I kept thinking of? Miley Cyrus. A former Disney-style princess, a teen sweetie trying to be all bad-ass and doing a piss-poor job of it. She wanted to be seen as a hot man-eating bad girl and continue to have sexytimes with Blake, but keeps telling him “Oh no, we can’t be seen as together because it won’t work with my new image.” What? Having a crack at a hot Marine who’s working on set is going to make you look like Snow White, will it?

Blake, my dear, while you lived up to the ideal of hotness I had in my head of you, you also sailed right into the lake of confusion that the rest of the book was floating in. Here is a man who is so desperate to maintain his career as a Marine after a big time stuff-up that he dares not step out of line. All of a sudden, when given the chance to school a lady in the sexytimes, he just ignores this. Then he spends the rest of the time oscillating between “No, I can’t. I don’t want to lose my career.” and “OK, let’s have some spanky time in the trailer where everyone and their dog can hear us”.

The whole Russian spy thing didn’t really sit well with me, either. If they truly believed Blake’s life was in jeopardy from Russian assassins, wouldn’t they have arranged some kind of protection for him?

I will say this: the sexytimes, they were hot. Not quite as hot as some I have read of late, but still pretty steamy.

OK, this is a message for a particular character in this book (and when you read it, you will know who I am talking about). Not only are you an epic ass, you are very lucky to get away with something you do in this book. I cannot imagine anyone tolerating that kind of crap. I wanted to squash your knackers in a vice after reading it.

As this is part of a series, I am interested to know who might be next in line for a story – there was no one super obvious that stuck out for me.

Again, the premise was fantastic and the sex scenes were very hot & well done. However the rest of the book got me a little too worked up….and not in a good way.

My rating: 2 out of 5

Release Date: 23 April 2013

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Note: I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Entangled Publishing, LLC in return for an honest review.

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