Just For Today…: An Audience with the Author, Emmie Dark

June 20, 2013 Reviews 0

It’s my great pleasure to have the author of Just For Today…, Emmie Dark here with us today at My Written Romance.

You can read my review of Just For Today… here.

And now for the interview:

Hi, Emmie and welcome to My Written Romance!

Tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia. Just For Today is my fourth published book, my third with SuperRomance. Earlier this year I published an e-novella with Destiny Romance called “Spellbound”. My background is in PR and organisational communication, so while I’ve always been a writer, for a long time I was writing things like speeches and press releases. I started writing romance a few years ago and I love it!

Can you give us the Cliff’s Notes version of what your book is about?

Just For Today… is the story of Jess and Sean. Jess is a thirty-something divorcee who’s been left feeling a little battered by her marriage break up. Sean is a flirty, sexy, cheeky younger man who offers her “a night to remember”. Jess throws caution to the wind and takes him up on his offer, only to find that life suddenly gets very complicated.

What is it that you love about this book, and in particular your hero and heroine?

I love this book so much! I fell in love with Sean straight away. He’s so cheeky and fun and loveable — I wouldn’t mind at all if he was to walk in my front door! And I felt a kinship with Jess — I’ve never been divorced, but I think we can all identify with that state of being left a bit broken by the end of a relationship. I enjoyed the things that made them so different from each other — Sean is young, impulsive, carefree, while Jess is older, more cautious and mature — and what that means for them in making a life together.

What is your favourite part of the writing process? Is it creating characters, world-building or is it typing The End?

I love getting to know my characters. I usually start my story ideas with characters and work out the plot after that. I also love it when something I don’t expect happens as I write. I know it’s a bit of a writing cliche, but I absolutely do find my stories taking on a life of their own!

Who is your writing superhero – the author or writer who inspires your own work? Why?

It’s too hard to name one! There are so many wonderful authors out there doing wonderful work, I’m inspired in different ways almost every day.

Outside of writing, what do you do to relax?

I like being busy, but between writing and work and some volunteer roles, usually when it’s time to stop I like to sit down! My favourite relaxation spot would be on the sofa in front of my enormous TV with something fun to watch, a nice cup of tea in my hand and some dark chocolate to nibble on.

What’s next for you?

I mentioned that I’d released an e-novella called Spellbound with Destiny Romance earlier this year. Later this year there will be a follow-up to Spellbound. It’s not a sequel, it’s another story set in the same ‘universe’. Like Spellbound, it’s going to be fun and (very!) spicy.

Thank you so much, Emmie for taking the time to be a guest on My Written Romance. The very best of luck to you for the continued success of Just For Today…, and of course with all your other books.

IMG_8485v3cropHSHow do we find Emmie on the web?

Her website is http://www.emmiedark.com/ and her blog is at http://emmiedark.blogspot.com.au/.

You can find her on Facebook at EmmieDarkFanPage. You can also find her on Twitter as @emmiedark.

Click here to find Emmie on Goodreads and Pinterest.

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