A look back at the last six months for My Written Romance ….

July 1, 2013 Reviews 0

Wow, it’s already July 1!

Six months ago, I embarked on a challenge to get through 50 books for the year – I thought this would be realistic. After all, I do have a small and rather demanding child. I have now read 125 books in the first half of the year – way ahead of where I thought I’d be. I have discovered some wonderful books and authors in the last six months that I may never have discovered if not for the wonders of reviewing. I’ve also managed to reconnect with some of my old favourites.

I’ve tweeted and written posts about this, but I will keep saying it. One of the best things about my journey into the world of reviewing so far has been finding out how strong and how awesome the romance writing community in Australia is. Some of the best stuff I have read this year has come from my fellow citizens – and I couldn’t be happier about that.

What have been my favourite books of 2013 so far?

Picking my Top 10 for the half-year was pretty difficult. There have been so many fantastic books this year.

So, here goes (and this is in no particular order):

  1. Untamed by Anna Cowan
  2. Beyond Control by Kit Rocha
  3. Rush Me by Allison Parr
  4. Saved by the Bride by Fiona Lowe
  5. The Other Side of Us by Sarah Mayberry
  6. The Best Man by Kristan Higgins
  7. The Sunburnt Country by Fiona Palmer
  8. A Night of Southern Comfort by Robin Covington
  9. A Basic Renovation by Sandra Antonelli
  10. Fish Out of Water by Ros Baxter

My favourite anthology of the year to date is When Honey Got Married, an Entangled Indulgence anthology by Kimberly Lang, Anna Cleary, Kelly Hunter and Ally Blake.

What is in store for the rest of the year?

More of the same, I hope and more visits to My Written Romance by some of your favourite authors – if I can arrange them.

I am really looking forward to a lot of books in the second half of the year. There are WAAAYYY too many to mention, but needless to say, my Amazon and Book Depository wishlists are currently completely out of control.

Time to say thank you!!

I’ve got to say thank you to all the lovely publishers and authors that have entrusted their work to me for review. I have had such a blast discovering and reading some fantastic books from you all. Maybe I haven’t enjoyed every book I’ve read this year, but I still really appreciate the opportunity to read and review!

To my wonderful hubby, who does the housework and garden stuff so I can keep reading! Thanks for being my proofreader too 🙂

Finally, a big thank you to Ruby as well – Mummy appreciates it when you allow her time to read her books!

Happy reading,

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