The Virginity Mission by Cate Ellink: Review

July 16, 2013 Reviews 0

The Virginity MissionAn erotic new adult romance about old insecurities, new beginnings, and the things you can get up to in a tent…

It’s lust at first sight when Mac sees Jason shirtless and sweating on the back of a truck. Jason is the army sergeant assigned to support the six‐week scientific expedition that Mac is participating in, and might just be the perfect candidate for another journey of discovery that Mac is desperate to undertake — sex.

Fraternisation between students and staff might be strictly prohibited, but everybody knows fruit always tastes better when it’s forbidden.

Regular readers of this blog will know that I am not a fan of instalove in most circumstances. Hell yeah, I totally get instant attraction and people wanting to jump each other straight away. What I don’t get are characters professing undying love within ten seconds of meeting each other.

Unfortunately for me, The Virginity Mission was somewhat instalovey. There were a few other aspects to the story that got to me as well.

Basically, Willow (or Mac as she insists on being called) is a young woman who’s been chosen to be part of a scientific expedition. There are military involved (for what reason, I have no idea!) and the virginal Willow latches almost straight away onto the much older sexy army guy Jason. Within what felt like seconds, Willow has decided she wants to shed her virginity and that Jason is the man for the job.

OK, Willow, you have been selected to go on a scientific expedition – an important one, from what I can gather – and all you can think of is how you are going to get into some random dude’s pants. She just seemed a little naive and immature on occasion. This could be due to her age, but I’ve still read other characters in their late teens and early 20’s that have their heads screwed on better.

Jason was a little better for me. There was a lovely sweetness and compassion about him. However, being that he was already on warning from a previous fraternization incident (the soldiers and the scientists aren’t meant to get THAT friendly) and he seems to want to stay in the Army, I would have expected slightly better judgement on his part. If you are that committed to pursuing something with Mac, Jason, you could have probably waited until the expedition was over.

I did enjoy some aspects of the story. As a couple, Mac and Jason were OK – not sizzling hot, but fine. Considering how short the book was, I think the author did a pretty decent job of constructing a story. I can see what people might enjoy about this book, but unfortunately I didn’t.

Just as a side note – someone else mentioned that it took them until 20% into the story to realise that it wasn’t an M/M romance. That was my exact thought when I first read the blurb. It would probably not hurt to change the blurb to show that Mac is female.

My rating: 2 out of 5

Release Date: 1 June 2013

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Note: I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Escape Publishing, an imprint of Harlequin Enterprises Australia via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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