His Reluctant Rancher by Roxanne Snopek: Review

July 19, 2013 Reviews 0

His Reluctant RancherThe last place city girl Desiree Burke expected to find herself was living at and working on a ranch, much less butting heads with the ranch’s sexy cowboy owner, Zach Gamble. But that’s exactly where she ends up after an incident at work leads her to her best friend Rory’s doorstep. Desiree is a gifted physical therapist, and Rory knows exactly where her brand of tough love is needed the most.

Zach’s been through hell and back. A devastating car crash left his brother gone, his father paralyzed, and him with mental scars a mile wide. His survivor guilt alone makes him sure he doesn’t deserve to find love. But as Des works her way into his ranch, his family, and his life, suddenly the last person who belonged there is the only one he believes belongs…with him.

There are certainly going to be people that enjoy this book, however I can’t say that I was one of them. The concept of the story was really good, but the execution…not so much.

I liked Zach more so than Desiree. Carrying that guilt over the accident that led to such much pain for his family would have to be crushing. How he handles the roadblocks life has put in his way is really well done, and his heart – while broken – is good and kind. You can almost see why he is reluctant to talk through the issues behind the accident with his family – boy, Mum and Sis have some ISSUES, particularly Sister Dearest. Yes, you may have some past issues that need addressing, but lovey, there’s no excuse for being the raging bitch you are in regards to Desiree. Oh yeah, what also gave me a dose about Princess Sister was that no one pulled her up on this.

Desiree, now I just didn’t get her at all. She was just all-over-the-shop for me.

As others have said, I found Desiree’s multilingual swearing a little off-putting at first. It took me a while to work out if she was Spanish or Mexican. As it turns out, nope, she was neither – she just had a Mexican housekeeper that she hasn’t seen since she was eight! Would you really remember all that Spanish if you hadn’t spoken it to anyone in more than 20 years?

Correct me if I am wrong, but who goes to a farm and only takes designer city clothes and Christian Louboutin shoes? Now I’m not saying country people don’t wear designer gear, but I’d hazard a guess that Louboutins aren’t particularly practical farm footwear. She’s been to the farm before – surely she hasn’t lost her powers of observation in that time.

OK, I have a couple of friends and family members that are OTs or PTs and there were a few things about Desiree’s work practices that irked me somewhat. I was talking to my sister (who works in a hospital) about this book, and designer city clothing isn’t exactly usual OT/PT wear. My sister mentioned that the ones at the large Sydney hospital she works at are either in uniform or comfortable casual gear, not skinny jeans and spike heels.

Desiree was having work issues in this book, a reasonably major plot point, but this just seemed to be glossed over with no real resolution.

I wouldn’t say that this will stop me from reading the work of Roxanne Snopek, however I won’t be revisiting this title.

My rating: 2 out of 5

Release Date: 14 February 2013

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Note: I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Entangled Publishing, LLC in return for an honest review.

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