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August 15, 2013 Reviews 0

Are you looking to get more than just warm and toasty with your books? Well, thanks to Cosmopolitan and Harlequin, you can get Red Hot.

Cosmo Red-Hot Reads will be releasing two novella-length romances every month. Now they’ll be from the more spicy end of the romance spectrum, all steamy and erotic. The first of the books will be released today – August 15.

I was contacted about this new venture a few weeks ago, and I was most excited to hear about it. Particularly as the opening books for the new imprint is from the fabulous Sylvia Day, author of Pride and Pleasure and the wildly successful Crossfire series.

Sylvia DayNow I adore Sylvia Day. Be it a hot historical or a saucy contemporary romance, there is just something about the way she writes that immediately captures your imagination.

I received an excerpt of the first book in the series, Afterburna few days ago now, and very promptly sat down to read it.

Based on the small snippet I read, I can tell you right now that the 1-Click button on my Amazon account is going to get a bit of a caning with this imprint. There was just enough to whet your appetite and keep the anticipation for the story bubbling away. I am really looking forward when Afterburn makes its way from cyberspace to the Kindle app on my iPad at some stage today.

Afterburn will tell the story of Jackson Rutledge and Gianna Rossi:

AfterburnNever mix business with pleasure. Never bring politics into the bedroom. In a way I did both when I took Jackson Rutledge as a lover. I can’t say I wasn’t warned.

Two years later, he was back. Walking into a deal I’d worked hard to close. Under the tutelage of Lei Yeung, one of the sharpest businesswomen in New York, I had picked up a thing or two since Jax walked away. I wasn’t the girl he once knew, but he hadn’t changed. Unlike the last time we’d drifted into each other’s lives, I knew exactly what I was dealing with… and how addictive his touch could be.

The inner circle of glamour, sex, and privilege was Jax’s playground–but this time, I knew the rules of the game. In the cutthroat business world, one adage rules all: keep your enemies close and your ex-lovers closer…

There is another in the series due out on November 12, Aftershock,  which will continue the story of Jax and Gianna.

Now this imprint is digital-first, however on November 12, they will be releasing Afterburn and Aftershock as a two-in-one trade paperback, which should be awesome.

If you are keen to get your hands on these spicy pages of awesome, you can find them at the following fabulous eBook vendors:

Afterburn            AmazoniBookstoreKobo – Google Play

Aftershock          AmazoniBookstoreKobo – Google Play

Note: Thank you to Katie Olsen and the lovely people at Little Bird Publicity for providing me with the excerpt that I was lucky enough to read.

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