To the Limit by Jo Leigh: Review

October 1, 2013 Reviews 0

To the LimitSubject: Captain Sam “Jaws” Brody

Mission: Test his limits…and push hers!

Air force pilot Sam Brody’s posting at Holloman AFB is a new start…and a brutal reminder that he’ll never fly again. The bright side? It’s the same town as teacher (and widow) Emma Lockwood – the woman he’s always had a major thing for. The woman who married his best friend….

For years, Emma ignored the spark between her and Sam. Now that he’s in town, the spark has turned into full-on electrical overload! She tells herself to stay grounded. She doesn’t want another hotshot flyboy, no matter how sexy. But with every night of wicked passion with Sam, she finds herself closer to the point of no return….

Sam has always wanted to be a fighter pilot, but it seems his dream is all but over. When he develops vision problems, he’s grounded and assigned to a teaching role at Holloman AFB. Complications arise when he finds out that his best friend’s widow lives nearby – a woman who has held his heart for years.

Emma loved her husband, but she couldn’t take his constant chasing of the big thrill and had been planning to ask him for a divorce. When he died, Emma decided she could never put her heart on the line for another adrenaline junkie.

When Sam and Emma meet up again, their friendship reignites and feelings long denied come to the surface. However when Sam is presented with the possibility of regaining his flight status, things may be over before they begin.

To the Limit is sexy and hot (as I would expect from a Jo Leigh Blaze). There is just something about a hero in uniform, and a fighter pilot to boot. Sam and Emma have a chemistry that sizzles with the once-unspoken feelings that they had for each other. While not the hottest Blaze I’ve come across, it’s still pretty sexy.

However it’s not just about the sexytimes. It is an emotional and heart wrenching look at those left behind when a serviceman dies. They have a lot of emotional baggage to sort through and your heart hurts for them. Jo Leigh has done a really good job of giving To the Limit a feeling of realism and depth, where it could have easily been trite and corny. Top job!

My rating: 4 out of 5

Release date: 1 August 2013

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Note: I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Harlequin via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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