Billion Dollar Cowboy by Carolyn Brown: Review

October 21, 2013 Reviews 0

Billion Dollar CowboyColton Nelson was 28 when he won the Texas Lottery and went from ranch hand to ranch owner overnight. When women started lining up wanting some of his millions, even going so far as to drug his beer, his family asks the lovely new ranch assistant to help out by pretending to be his girlfriend. They make her an offer she can’t refuse, so even though she doesn’t like it one bit, Laura agrees to help.

Laura Baker and her sister, Janet, had been raised in foster homes. Though she was the younger of the two, Laura was always bailing Janet out of trouble. Janet thinks Laura should take advantage of the billionaire cowboy but Laura is getting to know Colton intimately and she doesn’t give a damn about his money. True love isn’t for sale.

It all started with a dollar lottery ticket. After a huge win a few years ago, Colton has gone from a regular old ranch hand to an exceedingly wealthy cowboy with more money than he could imagine. He hasn’t changed, but the way people (particularly women) see has! When someone tries to drug Colt into a compromising position, his friends and family decide to take action.

Colt’s business manager, Andy presents them with a way out of the trouble: his cousin Laura. She’s just started working for Andy, as a way of paying off her sister’s gambling debts. All she wants is to do her job, do her time and get the hell out of Dodge. She’s got no interest in snaring herself a billionaire.

All of a sudden, Colt and Laura find themselves pretending to be all loved up in order to keep the wolves at bay. Neither is that keen at the prospect – both have issues when it comes to commitment (Laura with having grown up in foster care and constantly having to bail out her sister, and Colt with people seemingly only wanting his money) but soon they find they have more in common than just those problems and they become closer. Will their plan come back to bite them? Will past issues and insecurities chip away at them before romance has a chance to blossom.

I really enjoyed reading Billion Dollar Cowboy. It was such fun. Some of the things Colt and Laura had to do to convince the world at large that they were really a couple made for some great laughs. With Colt, he could have quite easily become a snooty “poor little rich me” kind of guy who closes himself off from the world. Yeah, there are people that are trying to drug him and take advantage, but I love that Colt hasn’t felt the need to become a different person. He realises that with wealth, certain things change, but largely nothing has changed about him. Laura has a real genuine feel to her character. She is a helper by nature, sometimes to her detriment, but she does what she can for those who are important to her. Her love for her sister (despite all she’s been put through) is just lovely.

The development of their romance is well-paced, doesn’t seem rushed or false and is really sweet too. They make for a thoroughly believable and real couple, and you just want them to find a way to make things work.

The supporting characters were fantastic – Colt’s grandmother, Andy and Laura’s sister, Janet amongst them – and their actions in pushing Colt and Laura together didn’t feel contrived or like they had been added to fill page space.

I love it when there is a connection to music in a book. I often find myself imagining a scene from a book if the song I’m listening to reminds me of the story. There is a lot of this in Billion Dollar Cowboy, and I’m sure the next time I hear a Blake Shelton record, I’ll flashback to this book.

Can’t wait for the rest of the series now.

My rating: 4 out of 5

Release Date: 4 June 2013

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Note: I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Sourcebooks Casablanca via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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