Gold Coast Angels: A Doctor’s Redemption by Marion Lennox: Review

October 22, 2013 Reviews 0

Gold Coast Angels: A Doctor's RedemptionTempting the lone doc

Sam Webster lives for three things: his little heart patients, his dog and surfing. Out on the waves this gorgeous lone wolf can find the solace he craves.

When a bubbly new nurse spots him on the beach and begs him to teach her to surf, his first reaction is a big fat no! But Zoe’s lust for life is infectious and tempting—she has learned to grab each moment. Can she show Sam that life is worth living if he’ll take the biggest risk of all with her?

A Doctor’s Redemption is the first in a new continuity from Harlequin Medical Romance, set on the sunny Gold Coast in SE Queensland.

Zoe’s young life had been dominated by hospitals and doctors, so you could forgive her for wanting to stay away from them as an adult. Not so. A passionate and committed nurse, Zoe has moved to the Gold Coast from Adelaide, to start afresh and to show herself and her loved ones that she can live life on her terms.

When she sees a dog get cleaned up by a rogue quad-bike, Zoe races it to the nearest vet, not waiting for the surfing owner and leaving him a scrawled note in the sand – “VET”. Little does she realise that the dog she has saved is that of her new colleague, Dr Sam Webster.

Sam lives for his work and his dog – Bonnie being all he has left of his fiancée, who was tragically killed. When Zoe saves Bonnie, Sam feels gratitude and tries to help Zoe out. Despite the offer of a new car (among others), all Zoe wants is to learn to surf. Despite reservations (the reasons become clear in the book), Sam agrees.

Through the surfing lessons and their shared love of Bonnie, Zoe and Sam begin to develop a lovely friendship and soon a romance. But will Zoe and Sam’s pasts drag them away from the happy ending? Will the hot-bed of gossip that is a hospital put a stop to them before they’ve had a chance to discover what they could have together.

This was a really enjoyable read. I loved Zoe’s strength and courage in handling her health issues, and not letting them define her. Oh, and her car….Tell me you haven’t driven a car that is largely held together with duct tape and prayer at some point in your life. Sam’s reluctance is well-founded and having been through what he had, you can definitely understand why he is the way he is. While it is not the spiciest book you’ll read this year, their romance is strong and believable.

Being the first part of a new continuity, the introduction of the characters that will make up the rest of the series is really important. Marion Lennox has done a great job in welcoming these characters without letting them take over the story of Zoe and Sam.

Lastly, that dog just about made me want to go buy a puppy. I had a very lovely natured dog called Bonnie as a kid as well, and despite them being completely different breeds, it brought back some sweet memories of our sweet old girl.

A Doctor’s Redemption is a quick, sweet read with wonderful characters and an enviable setting. Excellent start to the series!

My rating: 4 out of 5

Release Date: 6 September 2013

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Note: I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Harlequin via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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