For Her Eyes Only by Shannon Curtis: Review

November 19, 2013 Reviews 0

Romantic suspense can leave me a little hot or cold sometimes. When there is a suspense element thrown into the storyline, it can often slide down the slippery slope and into takeover territory. This often leaves the romance on the periphery, rather than at the heart of the story. It can also lead to the opposite, all romance with suspense about as exciting as watching paint dry.

For Her Eyes Only is luckily a story that blends the romance and suspense elements in such a way that you are drawn into both, and has you riding the bumps until the end.

What is For Her Eyes Only about?

For Her Eyes OnlyRyan Brennan has worked plenty of jobs for the McCormack Security Agency, so going undercover at a couples resort to identify a pair of killers should be easy. Except his assigned partner—uh, “wife”—is Vicky Hastings. It takes all his willpower to keep their relationship professional, even when they’re not sharing a secluded cabin.

Finally out from behind her desk, Vicky can’t wait to prove herself in the field. But with Ryan? Their office flirtation cooled when he turned her down after a scorching kiss at the office Christmas party. Working together while sharing close quarters certainly isn’t making it easy for her to stop thinking about him.

After a series of escalating “accidents,” including Vicky’s near-fatal fall from a tampered bridge, the two have to work together to wrap up this case fast, before more than hearts get broken.

So, here’s what I thought of For Her Eyes Only!

Ryan and Vicky have some history – other than just being colleagues. After a hot kiss at the Christmas party the previous year, both have steadfastly been trying to avoid the issue. The attraction bubbles away under the surface for these two – it may not be initially acknowledged but you can see the tension emanating from them.

They did spend quite a bit of time to-ing and fro-ing from “let’s get it together” to “no, this ain’t right”, and I can see why some people could have been frustrated by this. However, when you think about it, they are trying to catch a killer so they can’t spend their whole time just constantly hooking up.

OK, what I really loved about this (other than the romance of course) was trying to work who the hell the Maxwells were. I seriously thought I had it figured out on a few occasions, and then BAM! Ms Curtis rips you out of your comfortable thinking and you’re back to square one. I love being kept guessing like this – I much prefer not figuring out the baddies and their motivation in the first chapter. And oh Lordy, the Maxwell are some Bundy-level psychos.

I really do hope Drew finds his way into his own story. He was a hoot, quite often adding that much-needed comic touch. In fact, all the peripheral characters in For Her Eyes Only are fantastic. The other couples and their secrets that unfold throughout the course of the story add their own mystery and intrigue, and don’t draw the focus away from where it should be.

I have to go back now and read the first two in the series, Guarding Jess and Viper’s Kiss, so I can get up to speed with the other guys in the McCormack Security Agency.

Just a little post-script: It’s always exciting for me to find someone who has heard of the Sydney suburb I grew up in, let alone someone who has actually shared the Earlwood experience. It’s even more exciting to find another Earlwood alum who is a romance writer. I found this out when I met the author at RWA in Fremantle this year.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Release Date: 4 November 2013

Purchase Links: Amazon – Carina Press – iBookstore

Note: I was provided with an advance reader copy by Carina Press via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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