For Your Eyes Only by Sandra Antonelli: Review

November 21, 2013 Reviews 0

As I skate down the slope towards the latter half of my thirties, I’m finding it quite awesome to read romances where the hero and heroine are older and hold more life experience. What I particularly enjoy is when the author portrays these people as they are – regular people with needs and desires who just happen to have less of their original hair colour among the greys. Starting with her previous book, A Basic Renovation and now with For Your Eyes Only, Sandra Antonelli is fast becoming my go-to gal for the silver fox hero and heroine.

What is For Your Eyes Only about?

For Your Eyes OnlyBy day, Willa is a mild-mannered scientist; by night, she’s on the trail of stolen classified documents. Technically that makes Detective John Tilbrook on her side, but Willa has secrets she can’t share…

John is instantly fascinated by the new physicist on the block, even though Willa keeps her distance. A fan of coincidence and happy endings, John has plans for the secretive scientist with the wicked sense of humour.

But Willa has more than her heart on the line — her best friend is at the top of the suspect list for espionage, she’s having trouble leading her double life, and somehow her hair just turned purple. As days speed past, Willa’s life unravels as she struggles to come to terms with her unexpected feelings for a man she just met. John’s a big fan of happily-ever-afters, but will he believe in love and happiness when Willa divulges the real reason she’s in town? Will he break the law he’s sworn to uphold — for love?

This is the second book in a connected series set in Los Alamos. The first book is A Basic Renovation and in its own right, a fabulous tale. You can read For Your Eyes Only as a standalone, but trust me, you will love Lesley and Dominic’s romance!

So, here’s what I thought of For Your Eyes Only!

I’ll start off by saying I do love a quirky older character as much as the next person, but I love that in this book, even though the characters are older than 40, they are not written as diddery or interfering or pining away for their lost youth.

John and Willa have got to be two of my favourite main characters from any book this year. John and his complete lack of skill at mimickry and penchant for singing tween pop music immediately brings my own dear hubby to mind (where every accent ends up sounding South African). I loved that despite him being a complete sweetheart, John was no soft touch. Willa was wonderfully different – she embraced her white hair and her synaesthesia, and she is fabulously witty.

They are definitely a couple who blast away the myth that things shut down after a certain age. There is a hot, lustful chemistry between them, and it’s not just dialed in for page filling.

I loved the whole suspense aspect with the missing documents and trying to work out what was going on there. Even with this, there is such a wonderful humour and realism about the story.

The supporting characters cracked me up – especially Willa’s wannabe gangsta colleague. It was lovely getting to read more about Dominic and Lesley as well.

I can’t wait for more stories like this – mature and suspenseful, witty and sexy. I described its predecessor as “freakin’ awesome” and I’ve got to say For Your Eyes Only has reached those lofty heights for me as well.

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Release Date: 1 September 2013

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Note: I was provided with an advance reader copy by Escape Publishing, an imprint of Harlequin Australia, via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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