The Kissing Season by Rachael Johns: Review

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I’ve said it a few times lately – I am thoroughly loving these coastal-set romances that seem to be happily prevalent of late. Having spent many a childhood holiday by the beach or on the coast, it’s like taking a trip back to those days for me. Looking back now, I can totally see the romantic possibilities that abound in these little towns, just like Wildwood Point.

What is The Kissing Season about?

The Kissing SeasonEvery family has a black sheep…and Hannah Elliot is it.

It’s no surprise to anyone when Hannah Elliot makes the spontaneous decision to marry a stranger in Las Vegas. But when she finds herself pregnant and her new husband files for an annulment, she dreads having to tell her family.

Returning to her Australian hometown of Wildwood Point, Hannah is determined to become a devoted mum and put her baby’s needs ahead of her own. She’s also set to prove to her family she can actually be responsible. This means putting her wild past behind her and accepting a job back in the family business…while keeping her pregnancy a secret!

Except, when gorgeous Italian Matteo Della-Bosca walks through the shop door, Hannah finds her resolve slipping fast…

So, here’s what I thought of The Kissing Season!

There is one person that we all of us know like Hannah – a fun, sweet girl whose decision making often leaves you scratching your head. Getting married on a whim may have seemed like the right idea, however Hannah’s pregnancy changes everything. Hubby legs it, the marriage is annulled and she has to return home to her family.

At first, her reluctance to tell her family about the pregnancy was something I didn’t quite get, but as I read on, I began to understand her choice – for so long, she’s been seen by her family as flighty and prone to irresponsibililty, she just wants that chance to show them she can be different before dropping the baby bombshell. Good on you, Hannah!

I must say it was a very interesting first meeting between Hannah and her delicious hero, Matteo. Certainly made Hannah’s vow to stay away from men a little difficult (read it and you will know what I mean – it would for me). I’ve seen a few people express their reservations about this scene, but it does fit both characters well and once you read the story, it should be clear how so.

With this being a novella-length story, the romance of course develops fairly quickly, and it really does work quite well. The chemistry between Hannah and Matteo is fantastic, and not just as lovers. The friendship that develops between them makes their move towards a happy ending all that more believable. I loved that even despite his own misgivings about commitment, Matteo stood by Hannah when she needed someone at her side.

Being Australian, it’s always lovely to see our version of Christmas come across the way it does in The Kissing Season. There’s nothing quite like singing songs about snow and reindeer when it is 30-plus outside and your shoes are in danger of melting into the footpath. Rachael has managed to capture the spirit and difference of an Aussie Christmas perfectly.

I only wish that it had been longer!

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Release Date: 1 December 2013

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Note: I was provided with an advance reader copy by Harlequin Books via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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