Runaway Groom by Fiona Lowe: Review

January 22, 2014 Reviews 0

Yesterday was the release day for Runaway Groom, the third in Fiona Lowe’s wonderful Wedding Fever trilogy. I’ve made no secret in the past as to how much I have enjoyed the first two books. So when Fiona gave me the chance to review book number three (which is of course Runaway Groom), I couldn’t have said yes fast enough!

What is Runaway Groom about?

Runaway GroomAmy Sagar’s life is in ruins. Fired from her fast-track job and dumped by her double-crossing boyfriend, she retreats to Whitetail, Wisconsin, to lick her wounds and regroup. Meeting an impossible, sexy Australian isn’t part of her strategy for getting back on track.

Ben Armytage is running away. After being left at the altar and publicly humiliated, he’s taking his vintage motorcycle on an extended road trip from Argentina to Alaska. Having his journey interrupted by a breakdown and sharing a house with a curvy, redheaded lawyer in a town obsessed with weddings was never on his itinerary.

Though being stuck in a luxury log cabin isn’t really a hardship, livingtogether with their broken hearts isn’t easy. When the attraction between Amy and Ben proves unstoppable, they’ll both begin rethinking their plans…

So, here’s what I thought of Runaway Groom!

Neither Amy or Ben expected to find themselves in Whitetail, WI – if their life plans had worked out, Amy would still be a high-flying attorney and Ben would be happily settling into married life back in Australia. However, as I am sure you all can testify, things don’t always work out the way you expect them to.

Their paths converge in a most spectacular case of mistaken identity, which leaves Ben with a dislocated shoulder and Amy as his temporary carer. Thrown together when all either wanted was to be alone, an unexpected attraction begins to build. The connection between these two is just gorgeous – there’s always something so lovely seeing two people find love when it’s least expected.

I loved Amy and Ben as a couple, but even more, I adored them as characters. Amy is strong and unwilling to just lie down & let her problems stop her from embracing life – I love this kind of heroine, and I adore that she wasn’t a stick-thin plastic princess either (yay for the curvy girl!). Ben…he just brought to mind a lot of guys I know – typical Aussie guy with an easygoing demeanour and an adventurous streak. But I’ve got to say thank you, Fiona, for making Ben someone who is not immune to his feelings. He may not have always broadcast his problems from the mountaintop, but he didn’t deny the effect the past has had on him.

As with the other two in this series, you get a glimpse into the lives of the people of the town. The romances, the wedding fun, town shenanigans – I love catching up with the fun folk of Whitetail. I know that this appears to be the end of the Wedding Fever trilogy, but I really hope this is not the last we see of them.

I think what I have enjoyed so much about these books is the sense of humour and fun, and the setting. I said in my original review for Saved by the Bride about Whitetail “Fiona Lowe, you have created a couple, and a town, that you just can’t help but cheer for.” – I’m still cheering for Whitetail, and for Amy and Ben!

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Release Date: 20 January 2013

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Note: I was provided with an advance reader copy by the author, Fiona Lowe in exchange for an honest review.

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