Crazy, Stupid Sex by Maisey Yates: Review

February 17, 2014 Reviews 0

I’m really enjoying the Red Hot Reads from Cosmo and Harlequin. I have read a few of them now, and while they are petite on word count, they are most definitely extra-large on the sexy.

From the mind of the marvellous Maisey Yates, Crazy, Stupid Sex has all the elements I love in my full-length books – heat, humour and emotion – fabulously molded into one small, but perfectly formed package.

What is Crazy, Stupid Sex about?

Crazy, Stupid SexHow to Land the Hot Guy 1.0

A multimillionaire by the age of 27, app developer Evie James is clueless when it comes to hooking up. So she does what any self-respecting geek-girl looking to get laid would do: she programs her own app for landing a hot guy. After a few failed attempts at making contact, beta testing leads her to Caleb Anderson.

Caleb is used to female attention, but finds himself attracted to Evie because of her unique brand of awkward. A master of one-night stands, he’s more than happy to show her what she’s been missing in the bedroom. But he quickly discovers that one night with a woman like Evie will never be enough for him…

Here’s my thoughts on Crazy, Stupid Sex:

One thing I love about Red Hot Reads is that they are unapologetically sexy. Crazy, Stupid Sex is just that – steamy and sexy. What I think I liked so much about this in particular was that the sexytimes didn’t dominate to the point where the story was secondary. There were some genuinely emotional moments and points where I laughed out loud.

Evie and Caleb’s physical chemistry was undeniable, and despite their differences, they were really well-matched emotionally as well.

Evie is a fantastic heroine – yes, at the start, she may have been more than a little awkward and more knowledgeable about sci-fi than the opposite sex, but that is part of what made her such fun to read. I love that she grew in confidence throughout the story, but didn’t change who she was to suit anyone. Yay for you, Evie!

Caleb fairly oozes that playboy man-skank vibe throughout a big portion of the story, and is open about it. But early on, you get the feeling that there is more to Caleb than the facade shows. Things happen towards the end that better explain Caleb’s behaviour, and while it was occasionally douchey, he wasn’t so.

Each one’s differences balance out beautifully with the others, and make for some fun reading. I just adore Maisey Yates’ voice and Crazy, Stupid Sex is such a good example of that voice.

My Rating: 4 out of 5

Release Date: 11 February 2014

Purchase Links: Amazon – Barnes and Noble – iBookstore

Note: I was provided with an advance reader copy by Cosmo Red Hot Reads, an imprint of Harlequin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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