Monday Musing: Clearing the Backlog!

February 24, 2014 Reviews 3

Good afternoon, my lovely readers! Hope the past weekend was full to the brim with happy reading for you.

I was in my NetGalley account, uploading a review this morning and I caught a look at my shelf of books I am yet to read and review. I got a bit of a shock. Adding that to my print To-Be-Read pile…….well, rather than using words, I will provide you with a visual representation of the state of the pile.

Not the actual pile, but not far away from it either!!

While this is not the actual pile, it sure feels like it! NetGalley is like a candy store for reviewers – you click in to check on something and next thing you know, you’ve gone on a requesting binge.

I request books for review with every intention of reading them as soon as I can, and submitting a review not long afterwards. Every now and then, some books fall through the holes of the sieve. To those lovely authors and publishers, I hang my head in shame.


Here’s my plan! Starting tomorrow, I will be clearing the backlog. Each day, I will be posting a review from one of my past-due TBR books. There is category romance, romantic suspense, historical romance, many subgenres – even Christmas romance – and each day will bring a review surprise. Some of these books were published in the first half of last year, some fairly recently. I will be drawing the book of the day from a hat, so even I won’t know the book I’m reviewing next until this point.

Hopefully, I can clear a few of these before my real and virtual bookshelves decide enough is enough and devour me whole as an act of revenge.

Attack of the Killer Books!!!

Luckily I am a fairly quick reader, so I think I can stave off the ravenous bookshelves for a while.

Some of these reviews may also find their way over to the dojo at Naughty Ninjas. If you haven’t had a chance to check out the work of my awesome Ninja overlords, get over and have a look. These funny ladies will overwhelm you all with the awesome.

I will keep you updated with my progress. Wish me luck!

Happy reading,

3 Responses to “Monday Musing: Clearing the Backlog!”

  1. Ebony McKenna (@EbonyMcKenna)

    Oh Roz this is what my room looks like after attending the RWA conference! Books as far as the eye can see.
    I’ve found when I start reading a book from a big pile, I’m less patient with it, as there are so many more to read. So I hide the pile and just have one book at a time on the bedside table … and I find I relax more and can enjoy it.
    Now if I can just work out some kind of system like this on the ‘my-pad’ I’ll be set!

    • Roslyn Groves

      I took a photo of all my loot from RWA in Fremantle, laid out on the hotel bed. Showed it to the husband, and his face dropped!

      I’m going to have to put some bookshelves in other rooms of my house before RWA in Sydney!

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