The Returning Hero by Soraya Lane: Review

February 24, 2014 Reviews 0

Having your spouse leave on deployment must just be so difficult, especially with the ever-present worry that they may not come back. Our heroine in The Returning Hero deals not only with the loss of her much-loved husband, but also has to contend with unexpected feelings for one of his very best friends.

What is The Returning Hero all about?

The Returning HeroYou can’t help who you fall for…

Six months after her husband’s death, Jamie knows she has to start living again. And when fellow soldier Brett Palmer turns up, Jamie knows it’s fate. Brett is the only other person who can make her feel alive again.

Brett swore he would protect Jamie, but being so close to her is driving him insane. So Brett does everything he can to fight their connection. Until the words slip out—he’s always loved her. With a second chance staring them both in the face, there is no going back….

Here are my thoughts on The Returning Hero:

The Returning Hero is a lovely, sweet romance about second chances and not knowing where those chances will come from.

I really enjoyed Jamie and Brett as a couple. Their connection seems so very natural, and I almost instantly had a feeling that they were going to be well-matched and not just in the bedroom. If you are looking for raunch, you won’t likely find it here. The Returning Hero is much more to the behind-closed-doors side of the sexytime fence, which is something that I enjoy from the Harlequin Romance line. The way in which Soraya Lane has written the intimate moments in The Returning Hero leaves you in no doubt as to what has happened and doesn’t make you feel as if the door was slammed in your face.

There aren’t a lot of characters on the periphery of the story, however I think the story and the romance are strong enough to move along without all that. I am very much looking forward to Logan’s story (which I believe is out in April), and I just loved Jamie’s protector, Bear.

I won’t get spoilerish, but I will say this: Soraya, good job on the cooking as grovelling. I don’t get cooked for very often, so that would totally work on me. Tall Man, take note…

As much as I love Soraya Lane and her voice, there was a little something about this story that probably stopped it from getting a higher rating from me. I was a little taken aback by the fact that the romance between Jamie and Brett was taking place only six months after her husband’s death. This may just be me who feels like this, but it felt a little too early on in the process to be diving into another relationship.

Then again, the heart wants what it wants, so who am I to judge?

My rating: 3.5 out of 5

Release Date: 4 March 2014

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Note: I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Harlequin via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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