What the Bride Didn’t Know by Kelly Hunter: CTB Review

February 25, 2014 Reviews 1

As those who saw my post from yesterday, I’ve set myself the challenge to get through at least one of my past-due TBR books each day.

The first book I drew from the hat (oh well, it was an empty tissue box, but still it worked) was Kelly Hunter’s What the Bride Didn’t Know – released in October 2013 by Harlequin KISS. Now I loved Kelly’s Bennett family series, however for some reason I haven’t picked up one of her titles for ages! After reading What the Bride Didn’t Know, I’m glad I’ve started again.

What is What the Bride Didn’t Know all about?

What the Bride Didn't KnowShh…it’s a secret!

Special ops expert Trig Sinclair is a man’s man, and that means he knows the cardinal rule of the bro code—no matter how dynamite Lena West is, as his best friend’s younger sister, she’s strictly off-limits!

But when a secret mission to Istanbul sees Lena and Trig pretending to be married (and sharing a bed!), he finds himself in a whole new world of sweet torture…. But if Trig thinks playing the honor-bound hero is tough, it’s got nothing on how Lena feels when she discovers what her “groom” is really hiding….

Here are my thoughts on What the Bride Didn’t Know:

I seem to be reading out of order a bit lately. What the Bride Didn’t Know is the third book in Kelly Hunter’s West family series, but I didn’t feel as if I had missed anything by reading book 3 before book 1.

There was so much to enjoy about this book – the exotic locale (Istanbul), the ever so present thread of suspense and – most of all – the friends-to-lovers romance between Lena and Trig.

The characters of Lena and Trig were fantastic. Lena is strong, stubborn and ballsy with a wonderful real vulnerability. Trig may look the tough man-mountain (love the very tall hero, btw), but beneath the surface beats the heart of a gentle, caring man. Their dialogue is sweet, sexy and laced with a delicioud tension. I loved how their attraction, admitted and denied, is hinted at early, and continues to build and smoulder throughout the course of the story. Even though the sexytimes were ultimately fade-to-black, there were still some rather spicy moments.

I love how the temporary memory loss storyline worked. Amnesia as a plot device doesn’t always work for me, however in What the Bride Didn’t Know, this has been so well done. Watching a confused Lena trying to seduce Trig, who is trying so hard to be a gentleman in the face of it all, is most amusing to watch.

I can’t wait now to go back and catch up on the other West stories. I love the sound of Ruby (heroine from Book 1) – she sounds a hoot. Jared, the brother whose disappearing acts bring Lena and Trig to Istanbul in the first place, is shaping up to be a fascinating hero. Very much looking forward to his story.

All in all, What the Bride Didn’t Know is another winner from the shelves of the Kelly Hunter bookcase. Fun, sweet and hot – just what I expect from this fab Australian author.

My rating: 4 out of 5

Release Date: 22 October 2013

Purchase Links: Amazon – Barnes and Noble – Harlequin – iBookstore

Note: I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Harlequin via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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