Cowboy Justice by Melissa Cutler: CTB Review

February 26, 2014 Reviews 0

I love discovering new authors. That is one of the great things about reading, and definitely a highlight of being a reviewer as well. It doesn’t matter if the author is a first-timer or if they are well-known and loved – it is the joy of finding another author’s work with which to populate my book shelves or e-reader.

The second book of my Clearing the Backlist challenge is Cowboy Justice by Melissa Cutler. I haven’t read any of her work before, but I have a bit of a weakness for the lawman hero – from what I’ve seen in Cowboy Justice, she does them very, very well.

What is Cowboy Justice all about?

Cowboy Justice - Melissa CutlerTransforming their parents’ rundown ranch in Catcher Creek, New Mexico, into a tourist destination is the toughest challenge the three Sorentino sisters ever faced. But now one of them has another fight on her hands—to keep from falling for the sexy town sheriff—again…

Rachel Sorentino has spent her whole life protecting her siblings from trouble—only to run headlong into it herself. Her first regret about shooting at the vandals targeting her family is that her aim wasn’t better. Her second is that when bullets started flying, it was Sheriff Vaughn Cooper’s number she dialed. Vaughn is the mistake she keeps on making, a cowboy lawman who cuts through Rachel’s surface bravado to the vulnerability no one else sees. And no matter how inconvenient their attraction—for his career, her tangled case, and their already battered hearts—there’s no denying what feels so irresistibly right…

Here are my thoughts on Cowboy Justice:

Cowboy Justice is the second book in Melissa Cutler’s Catcher Creek series about the Sorentino sisters. I hadn’t read the first book when I started with this one. While Cowboy Justice stood really well on its own, it would probably still be best to read The Trouble with Cowboys first, because there are things that will probably make more sense if you do.

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of a word to describe the relationship and connection between Rachel and Vaughn, and there were two terms that just kept popping up: explosive and incendiary. Despite their reservations and fears, they positively seethe with thinly-concealed desire. While there is a fair amount of to-ing and fro-ing between them, Melissa Cutler has constructed this in such a way so that the tension remains real and never becomes tiresome.

Another aspect of Cowboy Justice that was really well done, I thought, was the suspense and the mystery that surrounded the vandalism of the Sorentino farm and the increasing threats that are plaguing them. I found myself genuinely intrigued and anticipating every new twist and turn.

I really enjoyed the relationships and interactions between the characters in Cowboy Justice. The relationship between Vaughn and his dad was lovely, and Rachel’s interactions with her sisters will definitely ring true to those of you who have sisters.

If you are looking for a suspenseful, emotional romance with a sexy lawman hero, Cowboy Justice will definitely fit the bill.

My rating: 4 out of 5

Release Date: 1 October 2013

Purchase Links: Amazon – Barnes and Noble – iBookstore – KensingtonKobo

Note: I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Zebra, an imprint of Kensington via NetGalley in return for an honest review.

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