My Reading Weekend!

March 31, 2014 Random Acts of Reading 2

Happy Monday!!

Alrighty then! It’s been a bit of a quiet weekend, reading-wise for me. In all other spheres of existence, this weekend has been crazy-busy.

Rubyfest 2014 was in full swing. My daughter turned 2 on Sunday, and her birthday party was on Saturday. So in between last minute shopping, getting food ready, kid-wrangling and entertaining, books took a bit of a back seat. At least for me. My house is now flooded with loads of lovely children’s books, which Ruby has been furiously working her way through.

If you could see my lounge room on Saturday night, you would have thought it had been invaded by a small anthropomorphic pink pig from England and her various cohorts. So. Much. Peppa. Pig.

Fear not, I did actually read something this weekend. I am currently almost half-way through the debut offering from Australian author, Kylie Kaden, Losing Kate. All I can say at the moment is WOW! I am totally enthralled in this tale, and it’s a sad thing when I have to put it down to do pesky things like work and sleep! Losing Kate is being featured for review on My Written Romance on April 5, so stay tuned for that one. I also finished Isabella Bradford’s A Wicked Pursuit.

If you follow me on Twitter, you will know that a week or so ago, I went a bit nuts at Booktopia. I had originally gone on to buy some books for Ruby’s birthday, but the draw of heavily discounted Harlequin and Mills & Boon duos proved way too hard to resist. $60 and 19 books later, I emerged. My precious bundle is on its way to me as we speak. I cannot wait to partake in their fabulous.

I also confessed recently to being a latecomer to the Anne Gracie train, and my disappointment in myself for having not discovered her sooner. I spent my Dymocks Booklovers credit on her latest release, The Winter Bride (up for review shortly on MWR) and also the second in the Merridew Sisters series, The Perfect Waltz. I cannot wait to find a moment in my busy reading schedule for a leisure read, because after reading the excerpt of The Perfect Waltz, I am so looking forward to it.

I’ll be doing my selections for the Clearing the Backlog books later this morning, and will be posting them in my regular Monday Musings post.

So, what did everyone else get up to this weekend? What pages of awesome are you currently reading? Or which book are you fighting the urge to get stabby with?

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  1. Lily Malone

    I’ve been reading Someone Like You by Victoria Purman, but it’s taken me longer than it should. Have been trying to write as well. I have Losing Kate here. Kylie Kaden is my Crit Partner so I know the story, but I want to see what she and the editors did with it after I last saw it. I’ve picked up a couple of freebies on Amazon, including Helene Young’s Burning Lies. And a bit of Beta Reading too. I’m all over the place and I should be writing!

  2. Roz

    I too should be working on my writing, but the lure of these fabulous books is proving irresistible.

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