Best Australian Blogs 2014 People’s Choice: Please vote for MWR!

April 4, 2014 Shameless Self-Promotion 1

The Best Australian Blogs competition, brought to us by the Australian Writers’ Centre is up and about again for 2014!

Now, while you don’t have to, I would love it if you would think about voting for My Written Romance in the People’s Choice category.

This is how you can vote for my, and other, blogs (you can vote for all, some or just the one):

Best Australian Blogs 2014 - brought to you by Australian Writers' CentreClick on the image to the left, or on this link here.

You can also click on the image on the right sidebar as well.

The blogs that are in the People’s Choice category are listed in alphabetical order, and you will need to click through each page to get to the next. My Written Romance is listed on the L-N page.

Once you are at the end, complete your details and click on “Done” – this is so your vote will count.

 If like me, you love using Twitter and you are all up on the hashtag thing, use the hashtag #bestblogs14 when you are referring to anything to do with the competition.

There are so many wonderful book blogs out there, so thank you in advance for visiting my little blog, and for any votes you, my lovely readers, send this way!

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