Tunes on Tuesday: Reading with Music

April 29, 2014 Tunes on Tuesday 0

Tunes on Tuesday

I spend up to an hour each morning and each afternoon driving to work – depending on whether the people around me have forgotten how to drive (trust me, they do when it rains). While this is time I’d rather spend reading, I spend it listening to music. The same goes for the time I spend in my grey cubicle – Spotify gets a bit of a caning.

However as always, my mind wanders back to books.

Just as certain songs bring back memories of certain events or moments in your life, there is music that automatically triggers a memory of a book or a scene that you’ve read. At least, that is the case with me.

imagesFor example, the Ray LaMontagne song “For the Summer” makes me think of Robyn Carr’s Virgin River series. In fact, Ray LaMontagne’s music has a real reading trigger for me too, and listening to it makes me want to go back and read that series or Toni Blake’s Destiny books.

The same goes for when a song is referred to in a book, and then when I hear it afterwards, I tend to recall that moment in the book.

1000x1000Whenever I hear Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long“, I remember that it was referred to in an excerpt at the end of Shannyn Schroeder’s More Than This. While the song is not one of my favourites, I really enjoyed reading the book – so it has a positive effect.

And yes, I have just noticed as I’m writing this, there is a summery theme to my remembrances.

As some of you know, I have a work-in-progress of my own – it’s not that far along the way, but it’s on the path. When I’m writing, I like to listen to music because it helps get me in the mood to write particular scenes. If what I am wanting to write is upbeat and happy, I have a playlist of fun songs, and if I am looking for the right groove for that “special” moment, I have a playlist for that too.

So, what place does music have in your reading and writing experience? Are you like me, or do you like to have total silence when immersed in books? If you are a listener, what songs remind you of what books?

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