Unforgettable You by Georgina Penney: Review

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I was provided with an advance reader copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Any and all opinions expressed in this review are mine alone. I received no financial incentives to review this book.

Unforgettable You by Georgina Penney: ReviewUnforgettable You by Georgina Penney
Series: You #2
Published by Destiny Romance on May 14, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 367
Format: eARC
Source: the publisher
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After months working on an oil rig in the Atlantic Ocean, engineer Jo Blaine can't wait to get home.  Her job is tough, and she is desperate for some long overdue girl time. The last thing Jo needs when she walks through her front door is to find a strange man staying in her house. When she learns that her uninvited guest is none other than Stephen Hardy, she's tempted to head straight back out to sea.

Stephen has always felt guilty for the part he played in ruining Jo's life years earlier and immediately jumps at the chance to make things up to her by looking after her apartment and her giant cranky cat. It takes some fast talking, but Jo is finally convinced to let him stay. And by the time she leaves for her next shift at work, they're both eagerly anticipating her return.

But as they grow closer, it soon becomes clear Jo is hiding something about her past that is coming back to haunt her. After a lifetime of taking care of herself and her sister Amy, Jo isn't used to sharing her problems, especially when they involve her messy family history. But when threats start to escalate, Jo must decide whether to trust Stephen before her stubborn independence places them all at risk.

First of all, I have to say I love the fact that Georgina Penney uses the word “arse”. I see ass, I think donkey.

I adored book 1’s heroine Amy, and I was super fascinated with Jo, Amy’s bolshy, Amazonian sister. Perched on the edge of my seat, awaiting the release of Unforgettable You, I was so keen to see how Georgina would address Jo, seeing as if you’ve read book 1, Irrepressible You, you will know Jo as she is now. Unforgettable You is Jo’s story then. Oh, and if you haven’t read book 1, go to your browser, open up your favourite e-tailer and buy it – it’s awesome!

Here are my thoughts on Unforgettable You:

To use the opening word from my Goodreads post: ERMAGHERD!!! I freaking love this book. Full of Ms Penney’s signature humour and wit, Unforgettable You was totally worth waiting for.

If you have read book 1 and you are worried about the fact you know Jo and Stephen are together, and maybe the story in Unforgettable You might just not have the same impact, Do…Not…Worry! I loved getting to see how the close relationship, as well as the romantic attachment, between Jo and Stephen – hinted at earlier – developed.

These Blaine women are capital-F Fierce! Jo has been through the wringer and back, as a child and as an adult, and has still carved out a path for herself where she is the master of her own destiny. When you know what Jo and Amy both went through as kids, it is so easy to see why Jo in particular is so intensely private – and why she feels she needs to keep that part of her life from Stephen.

A great deal of the story revolves around Jo and Stephen dealing with the misconceptions of the past, the secrets that continue to lurk under the surface and most importantly, their growing attraction to one another – even when it was the last thing Jo wanted.

Much to her chagrin, he was even better looking than he had been years ago. … Damn. He was hot. Even hotter than his brother. Of all the bad luck.

While there certainly are some dark moments to overcome, the overwhelming feel of this book, and Jo and Stephen’s relationship, is one of fun. I love couples that make me want to laugh along with them, and these two certainly gave me that.

There be some hot in them there pages, people! The sexytimes are just that – sexy, hot, and oh-so-delicious. Things happen in some very unexpected places (Kings Park, Shakespeare, under a tree…can’t say I was expecting that one).

I thought no beast could rival the loose-jowled Gerald for my affections, but along came Boomba, the magnificent Maine Coon and his penchant for underwear. Ms Penney, you do write the awesome animal.

The secondary characters in Unforgettable You are a big part of what makes this such a joy to have read. I cannot wait to read Scott’s story (pleeeeease let that be soon) – he certainly does appear to be an officeholder in the Captain Sexypants Society! I also loved getting to see the earlier Amy as well.

Unforgettable You made me feel all the feels, and laugh all the laughter. A fabulous sophomore effort from an author you should all get to know.

Note: I know the author through my involvement with the Naughty Ninjas, however this review is entirely my own opinion!

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