Hot Down Under Bundle 3 by Kylie Scott, Rhyll Biest, Cate Ellink and Keziah Hill: Review

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I was provided with an advance reader copy by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Any and all opinions expressed in this review are mine alone. I received no financial incentives to review this book.

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence. So, if this kind of stuff makes you a little squeamish, this may not be the book for you.
Hot Down Under Bundle 3 by Kylie Scott, Rhyll Biest, Cate Ellink and Keziah Hill: ReviewHot Down Under Bundle 3 by Cate Ellink, Keziah Hill, Kylie Scott, Rhyll Biest
Series: Hot Down Under #3
Published by Momentum on May 27, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance, Dystopia, Erotic Romance
Pages: 160
Format: eARC
Source: the publisher
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Kylie Scott's Room With a View

Natalie has watched as the zombie plague devastated civilization. Gorgeous Angus has been a miracle, appearing like Romeo from the pool area and throwing supplies up to her balcony. But now he has deserted her ... Or has he? Can he make it past the infected to reach her? And what will it mean if he does?

Rhyll Biest's A Sporting Chance

In the outback town of Mount Tully, sexy bartender Jane Hood calls the shots. Until she meets Luka, the man who owns the pub ...

Cate Ellink's A Real Online Fantasy

Can an online fantasy ever become real? When Caitlyn has the opportunity to meet her online crush in the flesh, will she be bold enough to act out her deepest fantasies, or will she forever be hiding behind her computer screen?

Keziah Hill's Business with Pleasure

For artist Lottie Williams, entering her sculpture in the European exhibition is the culmination of her career. Until she meets the sexy curators, James and Magda, who want something else from her. Will she confuse business with pleasure?

The Hot Down Under novellas from Momentum are some seriously hot stuff. The lovely publishers have bundled up a whole bunch of these tasty little morsels, and I have had the chance to read and review one of those collections.

The covers are pretty freakin’ sweet too.

Initially, I chose this bundle because I had read one of the stories, A Sporting Chance, some time ago, and I wanted to revisit it. I loved it the first time around, and I loved it this time around. Even better, it was surrounded by three equally fabulous companions.

So, here are my thoughts on the stories from Hot Down Under – Bundle 3:

Story 1 – Room With a View by Kylie Scott

I can’t say that I have read a hell of a lot of books with zombies. But, based on the 2o or so pages of Room With a View, I am very keen to discover more of Kylie Scott’s post-apocalyptic world. Natalie, you lucky, lucky girl! If I was in the same situation as her, I would be pretty damn happy to have the gorgeous young Angus come in, all sexy and bearing weaponry like he did.

The sexytimes are very hot, and the rather sudden ending, rather than jolting me out of the picture, has made me want to read more – I have heard some great things about Flesh and Skin, in whose world Room With a View exists. Very compelling indeed!

Story 2 – A Sporting Chance by Rhyll Biest

An ex-boxer hero, broke bartender heroine and a toad called Germaine make for a fun and sexy read (the toad isn’t involved in the spicy stuff – that’s a whole other type of erotic romance). Luka has the power to inspire some very naughty Cossack fantasies in the ladies of Mount Tully (and us, the lucky readers) – but when he turns his considerable “powers of persuasion” to the wonderfully surly Jane, she is his focus.

The sexual tension is delicious, and the interaction between Jane and Luka in and out of the “bedroom” was so much fun to read.

Story 3 – A Real Online Fantasy by Cate Ellink

Online dating is rife with interesting possibilities and potential car-crash disasters. The connection between Caitlyn and her online lover is a strong one, in which they feel they can share their deepest secrets and desires. In the lead up to them meeting face-to-face for the first time, I found myself praying to God, Buddha, Cthulhu that Caitlyn’s mystery man was looking more Michael Fassbender than Michael Chiklis.

A portion of the novella is the two of them communicating via the Internet – Cate, you did a great job of making those moments very real and sexy, and this chemistry does spill over into them meeting, so yay for that!

Oh, and I loved the Wagga Wagga mention! Not often you get to see it mentioned in a romance novel.

Story 4 – Business with Pleasure by Keziah Hill

OK, people, now menage really isn’t something I would personally consider, but when they are written like Keziah Hill has done in Business with Pleasure, they can be super hot to read.

The connection between gallery owners James and Magda is oh so intense, and how they bring artist Lottie into their world is equally hot. It never felt skeevy or unreal too, which I enjoyed.

This one contains M/F/F and F/F sexytimes, so if that’s not your cup o’ tea…. However, I hope you read it, because it was pretty freaking sexy.


I really enjoyed these four erotic novellas, and I am most definitely going to head online to grab the other three bundles. It was hard to pick my favourite of the stories, because they were all so different and all equally good in their own right. So, I’m going to be a fence-sitter and say to the stories of Hot Down Under –  Bundle 3, “I love youse all”.

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