Something to Talk About by Dakota Cassidy: Review

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Something to Talk About by Dakota Cassidy: ReviewSomething to Talk About by Dakota Cassidy
Series: Plum Orchard #2
Published by Harlequin MIRA on June 1, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 384
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
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Sexy is as sexy does. And in Plum Orchard, sugar, it does!

Emmeline Amos is sick of her ex saying she's boring and prissy. After all, she works for a phone-sex company! (As general manager, but still.) On a rare girls' night out, fueled by blender drinks and bravado, Em accepts a shocking dare—to handle a call herself. But it's tipsy Em who gets an earful from an irate single father on the other end of the line. Awkward.

But not as awkward as discovering that same mad dad is Call Girls' gorgeous new programmer. Jax Hawthorne is still upset that his daughter called the "girlfriend store" on his behalf, but he can't deny he'd choose a hot-librarian type like Em if he were looking for love. Which he's not.

Em wants to do more than just talk the talk. So she makes a bawdy bargain with Jax. They've both been burned before—this time, they'll keep it strictly physical. Except as soon as they settle on no strings attached, things start to get tangled….

You have that moment, you’ve connected with that hot guy from across a crowded floor – staring at each other, thinking all the dirty thoughts. Then some nasty pastie decides this is the right moment to exact epic public humiliation upon you. The moment is broken.

This is what confronts Emmaline Amos in Dakota Cassidy’s ever-sassy June release, Something to Talk About. This is the second full-length novel in the Plum Orchard series.

I read and reviewed the previous title, Talk Dirty to Me back in May, and really enjoyed it. I had this title to review already, so I was pretty excited to jump back into the lives of the Call Girls ladies and the town of Plum Orchard.

Here’s what I thought of Something to Talk About:

I loved Em in this and in the first book – she’s not only dealing with the end of her marriage and the secrets that emerge as a result, but with the reactions of the town to it all. Despite all this, she’s loyal, strong and feisty (even if she doesn’t always see it in herself). I loved watching her discover her bad self.

Jax sure melted my heart with his relationship with Maizy – nothing much sexier than a man who’s there like he is for his babies.

These two sure aren’t planning on getting involved in anything too serious – but the minute things get steamy in a Jeep, I knew this would fly right out the window. The trope of “let’s just get freaky for a bit…oh no, I might actually like you….dear lord, I love you” is one of my favourites – and Em & Jax coming to terms with their growing attraction and feelings for one another is really great reading.

Now, I just love the other relationships in this book – Em with Dixie, Jax with his brothers. Dakota Cassidy does this so well, and seeing all these characters interacting with each other was like sitting in a room with people you know. I am in the middle of Tag’s story at the moment, and I am really hoping there is something on its way for Gage as well.

Oh, that Louella just makes me punchy. I don’t know what has gone on in her past to make her that way, but she sure does shoot flames of bitch from her eyes. I’m not sure what Dakota has planned for her, but I am certain it will be interesting.

And I did NOT see that little plot twist coming either, Ms Cassidy! I loved it, but wow! You’ll know what I am referring to when you read the book for yourselves – it did make me happy!

Another wonderfully funny and saucy romance, with real and authentic characters – I definitely recommend this spirited Southern series, and this read in particular!

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