A Father at Last by Julie Mac: Review

July 14, 2014 Reviews 0 ★★★½

A Father at Last by Julie Mac: ReviewA Father at Last by Julie Mac
Published by Escape Publishing on March 1, 2013
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 140
Format: eBook
Source: My own copy
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Sensibility is lawyer Kelly Atkinson’s second name. So how can she love bad boy Ben Carter? Ben is a no-go area, as far as she’s concerned. There can never be anything between them. Apart from their six-year-old son, Dylan.

But Dylan is all the more reason why there can never be anything between them. Kelly’s dad was in trouble with the law when she was a child and she lost him. Never in a million years would she want her darling son to suffer the same fate, no matter how powerful the chemistry between her and Ben.

And it’s there, strong and potent as ever.

The second of my RuBY Review Challenge books for today is the March 2013 Escape Publishing release from Julie Mac, A Father at Last.

I’ve had this book from close to publish date – but with the growing commitments of the website, I’d never got the chance to actually read it. So I was quite happy when I saw that this was one of the RuBY-nominated books, and I could finally get to read it.

So, what did I think of A Father at Last?

Kelly does what she believes is the best for herself and her son, and that is an admirable thing. Having been through what she had with her father’s imprisonment, you can see that the decisions she makes are based on the least risk to her heart. There are moments where I thought maybe Kelly was a little intractable – loving Ben as she did, and not confronting him about what she found that night, was something I didn’t quite understand. Her motivation has obviously come from her father’s wrongs – for that reason, I get it, but not entirely so. However, that was the only part of the story that I had trouble with.

I liked that Julie Mac resisted the urge to make Ben come over all alpha and demanding – he knew about Dylan’s parentage and even though he wished to claim him, he still allowed Kelly the opportunity to come clean. I just knew there was more to him than his facade suggested, and it was easy to see what it was that Kelly saw in him and believed was good.

While their intimate contact is pretty much behind closed doors, other than some kissing, I could still sense a real and palpable chemistry between the two of them. Even with all that has passed between them, the strength of their attraction is pretty difficult to ignore.

The resolution of Kelly’s issues with her father was unexpected, and I very much appreciated the compassion with which this was brought about.

I would love to see some more from the pen of Julie Mac – A Father at Last has a good mix of romance, emotional conflict and suspense. Definitely worth the reading.

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