The Heat of the Night by Amy Andrews: Review

July 15, 2014 Reviews 0 ★★★★½

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The Heat of the Night by Amy Andrews: ReviewThe Heat of the Night by Amy Andrews
Series: Those Summer Nights #2
on August 1, 2014
Pages: 224
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
It's supposed to be all hands on deck…not on each other!

To Claudia Davis, her Australian beach hotel is paradise. To her business partner, Luke Hargreaves, it's a burden he's desperate to shake off! Then a cyclone hits, and it's down to them both to rebuild the resort. But keeping their minds on the job proves impossible with all those scorching-hot nights alone together….

Agreeing to a fling seems risk-free—Luke's leaving for London soon, and surely their chemistry will have self-combusted by then? Except with time running out it's just getting hotter…like a fireball burning out of control….

Well, I often speak of heroes who have earned my tag of Captain Sexypants. So, you can imagine my joy when I actually saw that reference in a book!  My dear husband was a little taken aback by my laughter – he should be used to it by now.

Amy Andrews introduces us to her very own Captain Sexypants in her August 2014 Harlequin KISS release, The Heat of the Night – and I couldn’t be happier. This is the second book in the Those Summer Nights duo, the other (by Ally Blake) of which you can find the review for here. Read them in order – you’ll not miss out that way.

So, what did I think of The Heat of the Night:

Not only did I get a character nicknamed “CS”, I also got a friends-to-lovers romance, which you all know is a major source of book catnip for me.

Throughout the first book, you could see that there was a real tension and connection that went between Claudia and Luke, and this was most definitely still the case throughout The Heat of the Night. The mixture of long-term friendship, unrequited attraction, frustration over the circumstances in which they find themselves – it all comes together to create a couple that promise to light up the pages when they admit their feelings. I tell you all, Claudia and Luke do create a few wee spotfires along the way.

I loved that even though Claudia did have the hots for Luke for ages, she didn’t place him on an unrealistic pedestal or dismiss his faults. She wanted him to want to be there, and wasn’t willing to accept less than that. I loved that she was passionate about her work, and wanted to create something better out of it.

Oh, Luke (or shall I call him Captain Sexypants)! I loved watching him grow and change through this story – coming to grips with the changes at the resort, realising the strength of his feelings for Claudia extend past friendship, discovering there is more to life than being chained to his office.

Sure, they generated some serious heat, but I really liked that they never seem to ignore or forget the fact that they were friends as well. I think that’s what I loved about these two.

We get to catch up with Avery and Jonah from book 1, and see how their romance is going. I also very much enjoyed seeing how the resort comes back together after that horrific storm. I kinda want to stay there now!

You all know how much of an AA fan I am, but it is not just because of that I’ll recommend this. The Heat of the Night is a wonderfully fun, hot and sexy read, with a gorgeous couple at its heart.

PS Amy, I will never quite look at Milo the same way after this 😉

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