No More Mr Nice Guy by Amy Andrews: Review

October 2, 2014 Reviews 1 ★★★★★

I was provided with an advance reader copy by the author in exchange for an honest review. Any and all opinions expressed in this review are mine alone. I received no financial incentives to review this book.

No More Mr Nice Guy by Amy Andrews: ReviewNo More Mr. Nice Guy by Amy Andrews
Published by Entangled Brazen on September 29, 2014
Genres: Contemporary Romance
Pages: 188
Format: eARC
Source: the author
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He's done playing the nice guy...

Newly single school counselor Josie Butler just made herself a Sexy To-Do list (featuring Bad Boys only). To her mortification, her best friend’s gorgeous older brother Mack finds it…and laughs. But when Josie goes looking for some sexy fun, Mack’s nice guy side turns all hot bad-assery, and suddenly she’s pinned against an alley wall. Hottest. Sex. Ever.

Veterinarian Mack Kennedy can’t believe Josie wants to ditch her sweet, girl-next-door lifestyle. Even worse, that she’d consider doing it with anyone but him. When she leaves for London they’ll go back to being ‘just friends’ but until then, he’s going to show her just how bad nice guys can be.

And it’s the perfect plan, as long as no one finds out… and no one falls in love.

Rather than giving you a text intro to my review, as a preview for my thoughts, I thought my tweet from the night I read No More Mr. Nice Guy would say it best:


Here are my thoughts on No More Mr. Nice Guy:

The book catnip was plentiful in this one. Nice guy with a touch of bad-ass, best friend’s brother, friends-with-benefits….  Amy Andrews, as my regular readers know, is an absolute auto-buy author for me, and after reading this, her October release from Entangled Brazen, I may have to build a statue in her honour. I freaking love this book, and I LOVE Josie and Mack, and their discovery of each other and themselves.

While the best friend’s sibling trope is an oft-used one in romance, there is nothing stale or predictable about how Amy has created it in No More Mr. Nice Guy – her take on it is fresh, fun and freaking sexy.

From the moment Mack discovers Josie’s drunkenly-written sex list, to the moment at the dodgy pub in the Valley, and onwards past the aforementioned alleyway sexytimes, the chemistry between Josie and Mack is incendiary. You may need a fan and spray bottle of water to cool yourself down while you read this. I was invested in this from the moment I picked the book up to the moment I finished. It’s not just their physical connection that works, it’s also their relationship outside the sexytimes that I loved. Watching it develop, and seeing them realise that maybe the whole “special friends” thing wasn’t enough, was a thing of awesome. I really enjoyed that it was not all about the sexy, even during the sexy, and that we got to see them find out more about themselves and what they really wanted out of life. But WOW! There sure is some excellent hotness….

Mack – if I wasn’t a married woman and he wasn’t a fictional character, boy he’d be in danger. Hot guy, good with animals….and his mouth….. Pardon me while I get back on track here.

I would love to see Sal get her own story, and a much-deserved happy ending. Her reaction to catching Josie and Mack out with their “nocturnal activities” was hilarious.

Please keep doing whatever it is you did when you wrote this, Amy Andrews, because this seriously made my reading day! Hot, sweet, sexy, funny….No More Mr. Nice Guy is one of the best things I have read all year, and I will be squirrelling it away on my Kindle for all eternity.

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