Podsnuggling With The Ninjas!

December 19, 2014 Naughty Ninjas, Random Acts of Reading, Shameless Self-Promotion 0

I was super-excited to take part in a fabulous podcast one night this week, with my wonderful Ninjas, Georgina Penney and Rhyll Biest – or as they are known on the podcast, The Bookish Tarts!


If you are yet to check out this podcast, you are doing yourselves a disservice. For fans of fabulous filthy, and tasty Teutons, the Bookish Tarts podsnuggle will be right up your alley.

You can check out the Bookish Tarts at your favourite podcasting destinations, including:

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Georgina and I discussed all things tentacled, gloriously bad made-for-TV movies, and my love for dirty, moody billionaires!! I had the best time, and I would happily extend the tentacles of love towards them again!

Here’s another little treat for you, my dear readers. This is the movie trailer Georgina and I discuss in the opening part of my chat! Enjoy the tentacle glory!

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