Oops! I’ve Been a Bit Forgetful!

March 1, 2015 Reviews 0

forgetful-pigeonYou’ll notice it has been a while since I posted reviews on a regular basis. This is not because I haven’t wanted to. However, that pesky thing (called the real world) has reared its head lately, and I haven’t had enough time to scratch my head, let alone write reviews.

I tried to post a few last week, and even set up the posts. What did I do? Ended up posting them without the actual reviews in them…. Forgetful Roz is forgetful!

Never fear! I have now rediscovered my brain, and I am ready, steady, go for this week. I’ve even got a schedule and everything!

So, coming up this week on My Written Romance:

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Six fabulous reads, over five fantastic days! There are sweet stories, rural romances, fabulous filthiness and all-around awesome in this lot. I hope you enjoy the reviews as much as I enjoyed getting to read the books.

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