A New Year, A New Start, A New Challenge!

January 2, 2016 Random Acts of Reading, Shameless Self-Promotion 3


Before I kick things off, I hope you all have had the most magnificent festive season and that this New Year will be full of only the very best for you and yours.

The last part of 2015 were pretty emotionally challenging for me, so I took a step back from the usual course of MWR business. There was still plenty of reading, but more from a leisure perspective. I needed to take some time out to recharge, and while there are still a few wrinkles to iron out, I am feeling much refreshed and ready to go for 2016.

So it is time to set my reading goals for 2016. I am going to set myself a couple of challenges, and here they are:

Reading Challenge 2016

There are a few of these challenge books that are already picked and locked away, however if you – the lovely reader – have any suggestions for books I should read, send them on through!

This year is hopefully going to be full to the brim with magnificent reading, and hopefully some even more plentiful writing, for all of us.

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