A Daddy for Baby Zoe? by Fiona Lowe: Review

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A Daddy for Baby Zoe? by Fiona Lowe: ReviewA Daddy for Baby Zoe? by Fiona Lowe
Published by Harlequin Medical on January 1, 2016
Genres: Coastal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Medical Romance
Pages: 256
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
A baby to bind them

Weeks away from giving birth, Dr Meredith Dennison finds herself with no husband and few funds. Retreating to Shearwater Island, she just wants to hide from the world…until she meets her gorgeous, caring neighbour, multimillionaire Raf Camilleri.

Meredith is the last woman Raf should fall for. He’s no more ready for her and newborn baby Zoe than Meredith is for him! But they so need his support, and their tender pull makes it impossible for Raf to stay away…

Well, we are nearly a week into this new year, so I think it is probably time for my first official review for 2016. Today, I’m reviewing the new Harlequin Medical Romance release from Fiona Lowe,  A Daddy for Baby Zoe?.

Emotion, pain, happiness, passion, loss, discovery – A Daddy for Baby Zoe? is a journey through all of these, and it was a journey I am very glad to have taken.

My thoughts:

There was something for me that just felt right about the progression of Meredith and Raf’s relationship. Theirs is a natural, easy chemistry, forged under particularly grim circumstances, and I loved that this most unexpected passion and romance never felt rushed or forced.

I read this book at a point late last year when I had hit a pretty rough patch myself. Grief and loss in any form is a bugger of a thing to deal with – rearing its head at the most inopportune moments. What rand so very true for me were the reactions and emotions connected to the characters in this story – you could believe that they were genuinely experiencing this.

I adored Meredith and Raf, both as a couple and as people. Meredith’s strength in the face of a pretty crappy situation and her willingness to admit that, in spite of her late husband’s faults, she still loved what they had shared, were really admirable. Seeing her grow through the sadness and find that she was capable of loving and being loved by someone else (even unexpectedly so) was just fantastic. Raf is such a gem, and the way in which his personal conflict was crafted is spot-on. You can just see that he wants to shout his love for Meredith from the nearest hilltop, but I also loved that he was still cognisant of the fact that she was newly widowed and still processing that. A big thank-you to you, Fiona, for not making Raf all sulky and whiny when Meredith couldn’t move as quickly as he may have wanted. Sure, he didn’t like it, but he didn’t huff off into the Forest of Unnecessary Victimhood.

Zoe is what begins to bind them together, and her arrival (while a touch dramatic) worked really well in setting the foundation for their romance. Her presence and importance to the story shouldn’t be underestimated, and I loved that she read like an actual human baby.

The secondary characters add colour and light to the tale. The evolution of Raf’s relationship with his father comes about beautifully, and the changes that are brought about in one particular character were both fascinating and pleasing. The setting of Shearwater Island evokes images and memories of trips to Phillip Island, a short drive south-east of Melbourne. I could just about picture the place in my mind.

A Daddy for Baby Zoe? is another eminently enjoyable and sweet tale, which will hit you right in the feels.

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