Favourite Things and Fun & Games: Friday, February 12, 2016

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Hey there, Friday! Most importantly, hey there, my lovely readers!

In today’s instalment of Favourite Things and Fun & Games this Friday, there are child makeup fails, television dramas of awesome, and rescue goats.



Tiny Overlord and the Sephora incident

Tiny Overlord is almost 4 now and fascinated (if not somewhat obsessed) with makeup. Of course, being a young lady of that age, she wants to do it all herself….and does.

I learned a very important lesson in Sephora just after Christmas last year: don’t take your eyes off the child…EVER! I was happily pouring over the Kat Von D display with TO beside me, and all was good….until I looked down. My darling child had been applying the darkest warmest mahogany brown powder foundation to her eyes and cheek. TO is, at her darkest, pale beige, so she looked somewhat like a sepia-toned pirate with her cosmetic eyepatch.

Struggling against the urge to burst into a bout of asphyxilaughter, I erred on the side of good mum and ran around the store until I could find makeup remover powerful enough to vanquish TO’s interesting makeup job. Now, removing foundation from a squirming 3-year-old is about as much fun as giving my mother-in-law’s old cat worming tablets – all arms and legs, and hissing.

It is only after the act that I realised I should have done what every parent of the digital age seems to do: take a photo of her handiwork. So, I did the next best thing: I let her loose with my giant E.L.F. shadow palette and a stick of lippy. Her canvas? Me. This time, I took a photo!

What happens when TO is left in control of a palette of eyeshadow

What happens when Tiny Overlord is left in control of a palette of eyeshadow and lipstick! Mummy looks a little like she’s gone a few rounds with a prizefighter after a few flagons of cheap port.



The Doctor Blake Mysteries

If you are like me, you will have watched this fantastic ABC drama and had this thought: “Holy crap, who knew Craig McLachlan was such a good actor?”. My previous exposure to his work was as Henry on Neighbours (he of the epic permullet), so I was a little skeptical when my mum told me how good he was in this. After laying my hands on a copy of Season 1, I was hooked.

Set in late 1950s Ballarat, The Doctor Blake Mysteries has everything that I love about TV drama – the characters are real and brilliantly flawed, and are brought to life by some great acting, the storylines are gripping and resolved at a perfect pace, and there is that singularly Australian hint of humour and honesty about it.

I have been binge-watching the first three series (thanks to the post-Christmas sale at the ABC Shop) in preparation for the fourth season, which started this last Friday. As long as they keep writing it, I will always keep watching it.

Tiny rescue goats in sweaters

How could you not love Violet? I just adore this little rescue goat from the Catskill Animal Sanctuary. I will let Violet show why I am dead from the cute!


There goes this instalment of Favourite Things and Fun & Games Friday. Hope you enjoyed it!

As always, my lovely readers, have a wonderful day and a brilliant weekend!!

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