Outback Sisters by Rachael Johns: Review

February 22, 2016 Reviews 0 ★★★★½

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Outback Sisters by Rachael Johns: ReviewOutback Sisters by Rachael Johns
Series: Bunyip Bay #4
Published by Harlequin MIRA on 22 February 2016
Genres: Coastal Romance, Contemporary Romance, Rural Romance
Pages: 281
Format: eARC
Source: NetGalley
Frankie and Simone are sisters and best friends. Could a new man in town drive a wedge between them for the first time ever?

Café owner Frankie has been unlucky in love all her life. It’s hard in a small town like Bunyip Bay to meet prospective partners. Her sister, Simone, lost the love of her life years before and is now devoted to raising their two teenage girls, leaving little time for romance. When Frankie is kissed by a handsome stranger who calls her Simone, it’s a case of mistaken identity – but who is this man and how does he know Simone?

Logan Knight is in town to meet up with a woman he has met online. Although raised on a farm with his brother Angus, he has travelled the world as a journalist and is now looking forward to meeting a girl and settling down. The girl in the café was an amazing kisser – but not the one he thought he was meeting!

Reclusive farmer Angus wants nothing to do with Logan’s plans for improving the property’s finances and finding a partner – until he meets the sisters at a wedding. Who is attracted to whom? More importantly, can Frankie and Simone sort out their feelings for the two brothers without destroying their very close bond?

It’s time once again to visit with the good folk of Bunyip Bay. Rachael Johns has brought us back to the little WA town with her latest release, Outback Sisters.  I have read the first three in the series, and have loved each and every one of them – and I am very glad we got to have one more trip back.

Here is what I thought of Outback Sisters:

I loved getting to know Frankie and Simone that little bit better, having been introduced to them throughout the earlier stories. They’re strong, stubborn, funny, caring women, and I loved how their relationship as sisters is portrayed. Being and having a sister myself, I believed that these two were who they were, and that no matter what, they would always find the other in their corner.

Life can be complicated, and the unintended complications that the Madden sisters find themselves entangled in are a sure-fire recipe for the cake of family drama.

Thanks to some meddling, and creative direction of the truth by certain characters, the Knight brothers, Logan and Angus are brought into Frankie and Simone’s world. I am not going to give away anything, because it was only released today (and because I want you to get out there and buy it!) – however I will tell you that life as each of them know it changes forever. It’s hard not to fall a little bit in love with these characters – even when you want to whack some sense into them. Crossed wires are the name of the game for this quartet.

With Frankie being a café owner and Logan being a handy cook,  there is a fair bit of food mentioned throughout the story. I have to tell you, at the point of duck ragu being mentioned, I am surprised you couldn’t hear my stomach growling.

It was lovely visiting with the characters of books past, and finding out what was happening in their lives. Adam and Stella’s wedding serves as a backdrop to some of the drama. There are some moments in the periphery of the story that really got me right in the feels, and they were beautifully handled and sensitively written.

There is something manifestly satisfying about reading one of Rachael’s books – the humour, the emotion, the realities of rural life are all woven together to create some excellent reading. With Outback Sisters, this feeling certainly continues.

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