Ratings Explained

What my ratings mean:

DNF (Did Not Finish)     

I just couldn’t bring myself to push through the pain barrier and finish this book

It is very rare that I can’t (or don’t) finish a book. I try very hard to keep going to the end (as I know how hard people work to bring their books to the world). Unfortunately, there are times where the feelings of stabbiness or, sadly, ambivalence takes over. It is only then that I DNF a book. I only post reviews for books that I have DNF’d if I have read more than 25%.


I got there. I finished it. That is all.

Again, I don’t often come across books of the one-star variety. You’ll generally only see this attached to a book that I would have DNF’d, but have finished in an attempt to see if the crazy continued all the way to the end.


I expected a bit more from this. A little disappointing.

Books will generally only garner a two-star rating if there were parts of the story that I enjoyed, but they were overwhelmed by the “meh” bits.


Yeah, I liked this one. This is good reading.

If it is a book that I enjoyed and wouldn’t mind recommending to people, I’ll give it a three-star rating. Generally, these books might just be missing that extra something that might push it up the ladder, however, I still liked reading them.


I very much enjoyed this book. Thoroughly recommend it.

Four-star books are the stories that leave a smile on my face and invariably get bought in every format (keeper books).


HOLY FREAKIN’ OMG! This book is that damn good, I want to eat it with a spoon.

These are my Books Full of Awesome. You know, those books that you just cannot put down, the ones you are still thinking about days later, the ones that get you to make good book noise.

Note: I do give half star ratings as well, if the book is better than one level but not quite at the next.

As I said earlier, my reviews may not always be positive, but they will always be honest.

Content Ratings

This is my rating system when it comes to the sexytimes within the pages of a book. Now my tolerance for certain things is different to others, so bear in mind, these are only the ratings I’ve formulated myself. What I think is spicy may not be what you think it is. You’ll find these in the tags of each post.

Hotter Than A Lit Box of Firecrackers – super-sexy moments reside within these pages

Three Cheeky Monkeys – more than your traditional one-on-one situation

Behind Closed Doors – sweet romance, mainly kissing

Fade to Black – some action, but you don’t get the ending

Sticks and Stones – BDSM or potential kink