Reviewing Policy

All opinions I express about a book are mine and mine alone. They are not those of the author, publisher or anyone else involved in the book in any way. My reviews may not always be positive, but they will always be honest.

I don’t do this professionally, I review books because I love to read and tell people about my experiences.

Where do I get my reading material?

Most of the books I review are ARCs and eARCs that have been provided by the publishers and/or the authors. They have been provided to me either in hard copy or electronically via email, NetGalley and Edelweiss. If the book has been provided to me in this fashion, I make a note of this at the end of my review.

Occasionally, I will review a book that I have purchased myself, or that lives on my somewhat out-of-control bookshelf.

Where do I post my reviews?

I post reviews on this website, Amazon and Goodreads. Posts from this website also get distributed to those who follow me via Twitter, and my friend & follower network on Facebook.

From time to time, I am also featured as a “Grasshopper” on the Naughty Ninjas website. You can check out those posts here.

What I will read:

I will read almost anything, however I am pretty solidly entrenched in the romance world. So these are the types of books I will generally accept for review:

  • Contemporary
  • Historical
  • Erotic romance
  • New Adult

I am a demon for sports romance and small-town contemporaries. Occasionally, I will venture into Paranormal or YA romance, so if you think your book might float my boat, go right ahead and drop me a line.

What I won’t read:

If books fit into any of these categories, I probably won’t read them for review.

  • M/M or F/F or triads, fourways etc. (Kit Rocha, you are my exception to that rule)
  • Hardcore erotica (too much sexytimes leaves little time for relationships)
  • Overtly religious stories (ones where the religion overtakes the romance – I am after all a romance reviewer)